8-24-2014 Sermon outline

8-24-2014 Sermon outline
Mathews 5:
How do we diligently seek Jesus?
Verses 1 to 25 and verses 43-48.
Blessed are the: Poor in spirit, mourning / comfort, meek will inherit, hunger / thirst, merciful / obtain mercy,
pure in heart, persecuted, revile / rejoice etc.
What is Jesus saying?
Letter of the law verses spirit of the law!
Let our light shine— in Iraq a home run as may your good words be seen
In Iraq they do not have what you have.
GODS WILL IS: None shall perish and all come to repentance!
Dallas Texas makes a lot of people miserable or maybe that it shows.
Jesus said: They hated me and so too they will hate you.
These things are written in your heart
What are you looking for in your children? They thank you!
Most people do not have that and it is sad.


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