11-30-2014 Sermon outline

Pastor Delton Osborn’s  sermon outline:

1. Salvation—What do we have to do to be saved?

2. God is spirit & we have to adore him in spirit.

3. Justiceburg Terms: When we go to a restaurant I know what Dusti will order.

4. I know her, just like Jesus knows us.

5. John Chapter 1: In the beginning word with God/was God.

6. Jesus is from the beginning for our salvation & John was to bear witness of the light.

7. When He came some did not receive him, those that received – he gave power.

8. John verse 13: Born not of blood & flesh but of God. John bears witness.

9. Deity never left him. Law was given by Moses. Grace & Truth given by Jesus Christ.

10. When Jews went to see John Baptizing, they wanted to know. John said I am not the one.

11. I am a voice crying in the wilderness. I baptize with water, He will come to heal.

12. John Chapter 3-16: Please read! Most quoted of all time!  Born of water (flesh) & spirit.

13. Believe in heart and confess with mouth.

14. Spirit that dwells in you that leads you to all truth.