10-12-2014 Sermon outline

Outline of Pastor Delton Osborn’s sermon

1. How can a loving God be hated so much? John Chapter 8

2. Love of God is unconditional.

3. Parable: woman was caught in adultery and law of land was to stone her to death.

4. Jesus started writing in sand then he said “Let anyone without sin throw the first stone”,

5. Jesus then continued writing in the sand. All went away except the woman & Jesus.

6. Jesus told her to go but do not live the life of sin.

7. Luke 12-40 Jesus said I have come to bring fire on earth–not peace–but division.

8. Jesus also said: I am the light of the world and my witness is the father who sent me.

9. If you know me —you could know my father. I am going away¬† & you can not come.

10. My father is not your father unless you believe in him. Some believed but not all.

11. Pride will not let them believe so they are not of my father.

12. Jews answered: We are Abrahams descendants & we are automatically saved!

13. No the very division has been: Cain & Able, Jacob & Esau, Abraham, Ismael and continues:

God’s covenant will not be broken!

14. Gaza strip is desolate on one side and green & plush on the other (God’s Covenant)

15. Israel grows enough food for themselves plus 300%

16. Remember: Israel is declared a nation in 1948, 6 day war in 1967, 6 countries wanted Jerusalem.

17 Crucified Jesus because he blotted out our sins, Sum it up–Not everyone has the same father.

18. Some excitement is about to close & we are living in wonderful times!!!