11-2-2014 Sermon outline

Pastor Delton Osborn’s sermon
1. How God ordered John the Baptist STEPS!
2. Mathew Chapter 3: John was ordered by God before he was even born.
3. John’s clothes were plain (In Redneck Justiceburg terms).
4. John saw many coming to be baptized with water: however he told everyone ANOTHER will come.
5. John was ordered by God to prepare the way for who is coming: Jesus had more to offer!
6. Jesus offered his SPIRIT! Every one has a calling—a calling for your very existence.
7. John heard someone was there so he told the crowd to go ask Jesus if he is the ONE.
8. Jesus answered: Go back & tell John the Baptist of all the healings: blind received sight,
dead were raised, sick were cured; Jesus came to the sinners.
9. John is the greatest, yet whoever is the least is greater than John.
10. That has to do with FLESH—satisfying the desires of the flesh.
11. What do you have to do? Summing up the Gospel: Let go of a lot of pride.
12. We all have to deny our flesh
13. Wisdom is proved right with their deeds—Book of John.
14. John was simple so he could relate to you, just look how many are here today.
15. Something is happening right here: That should put GIDDY-UP in you!
16. Lastly; If you were on trial for being a CHRISTIAN—would there be enough evidence to