12-28-2014 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon:

1. End of Year: Scriptures will edify you, reflect back on mistakes.

2. Mathew Chapter 5: Look at shortages. Jesus told the multitudes.

3. Blest are: Poor in spirit, they that mourn, meek, hunger & righteousness’s.

4. Put others before yourself. Enemy wants you to have right to be mad.

5. The biggest tool is flesh, flesh is how great you are.

6. There  is fruit of the spirit and of the flesh (flesh will rob all of peace).

7.  Justiceburg  red neck terms: If you get miserable because someone

does not agree with you, be thankful that you are shining.

8. The world is looking at you & wants to find fault in you ( Easy to find).

9. It’s what we do with it. Do you resent them or edify them?

10. I have come not to destroy but to fulfill!

11. Challenge yourself: Bring you to repentance. —Verse 21

12. Jesus said you shall not kill & who is angry w/o cause is also guilty.

13. Jesus is able to cleanse all, law is not able to.

14. First repent to brother then bring gift to the altar.

15 Agree with advisory quickly. Verse 31…If you have been wronged then

Jesus is vengeance. Let God work. Judges are also subject to God.

16. 3/4th of Paul’s letters were written while he was in prison.

17. Paul did not complain. He said when I am alive I have Jesus and

when I die I have more.

18. Seek first the Kingdom of God & all things will be given to you.

19. Peace, joy and happiness—He is calling all the shots.  GET READY!