12-21-2014 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon 12-21-2014
1. When / What is Jesus birthday?
2. Thru an attorney’s eyes, sometimes best testimony is from opposition!
3. John the Baptist was alive in womb: JUMPED WITH JOY IN WOMB!
4. Luke Chapter 2 verse 7: Flocks grazing in the field when Jesus was born.
5. Luke Ch 2 vs 1: Joseph takes Mary to Census (Good weather —Summer?)
6. Luke Ch 1 vs 24: Elizabeth hid for 5 months after conception AND
Zachariah was Priest at temple around June.
7. Luke 1 vs 5: Angel appeared at right side of alter to announce that he
is to have a son and be named John.
8. We should look broadly at Birth of Jesus and celebrate it.
9. In Justiceburg red neck language: God sent Jesus in a flesh body just like
ours. He had temptations like us only more so. Jesus crucified his flesh,
let flesh be punctured and beaten until death—hoping to rise again.
10. Birth date is irrelevant. Conception is when life starts and today we
have two baptisms (Derik & Stetson)!