9-28-2014 Sermon outline

Pastor Delton Osborn:

1.  1st John Chapter 2: What is going on in Irag my dearest children-do not sin, Jesus is advocate for us.

2.  Advocate interceding for us–other world has STUMBLING BLOCK on this!   Verse 3 =

3.  If anyone obeys his word—whoever claims to him has Jesus in him.

4.  Dividing line— God is allowing that dear friends, not a new command but an old command.

5.  Some claim to have light but hate their brother. Hate walks in darkness-blinded.

6.  God called me! We can get mad in flesh but you have overcome the evil one.

7.  Our faith is in what is already done.  The world hates this. Do not love the world (worldly things)

8.  Love of father is not in that, whoever does will of God —lives forever.

9.  You are put here to bring him glory, this is last hour. You have anointing from the holy one.

10,  We are of this world not in this world. To lead us astray the truth is scattered here and there.

11. Devil wants us to be silent, How the world views the next few weeks is prophecy coming to pass.

12,  What side of the fence are you on? Get excited that he called you!

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