3-8-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborns sermon outline:

1.  In Red Neck terms: How God molds us is  just like laying ceramic tiles on a floor.

2. Jeremiah 18: Tie in God’s Big Plan word wise &  go to Potter’s House.

3, Potter’s hands making pottery—if it is not right he redid it.

4. Thinking; Potter’s field (broken clay), Judas, 30 pieces of silver.

5. As clay is in potter’s hands so are you in my hand.

6. Mathew’s 26 versus 14: Judas asks what will you pay? 30 pieces of silver!

7. Judas should not have been born (one of you shall betray me).

8. Jesus Praying at Mount of Olives: All shall be offended because of me.

9. Peter said I will never betray you, Jesus said before the cock crows—3 times.

10. When you take your eyes off Jesus (spiritual), flesh (devil) takes over.

11. Jesus prayed, Peter guarding— fell asleep twice.

12. Judas betrays Jesus according to scripture, Jesus was tried by false witness.

13. Judas returns 30 pieces of silver to chief priests and they bought Potter’s Field.

14. Field is where discarded clay pieces were disposed of: to be used to bury strangers.

15.  30 pieces of silver paid our redemption, Silver is just STUFF.

16. God is in control.

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