11-23-2014 Sermon outline

Sermon outline by Pastor  Tony Isaacs:

1. We studied First Peter last week with Pastor Delton Osborn so this week is Second Peter. Use your own Bible.

2. We have many blessings: friends, food, clothes, home, however the best one is Salvation.

3. Peter Ch. 2 Fruit bearing Christians, The Lord is using us.

4. To those who have ordained… He has given to us ALL things that pertain to life and Godliness.

5. How do I get there? Knowing him. By the very reason given us : all the diligence to accept Jesus as the Son of God thru faith.

6. Add virtues: knowledge, out of his word, enjoying, self control, perseverance (Jesus had it), Godliness, Brotherly kindness.

7. This CHAIN leads us closer to love (God is love) —squeeze his hand. Reach out!

8. Someone was fruitful by inviting someone to come to Jesus. Tony keeps reaching out. He wants us to be available.

9. I will not be negligent in putting this string together!  Most are tied up with worldly existence.

10. Gods inheritance never is tarnished. Tony has read Peter 1 & 2 more this week than his whole life.

11. We are the sign forever, let us pray: Thank you, you are our strength & weakness  shows us the path, you loved us enough.

12. Thank you for us living in the U.S. A., let our hearts find it, never leave us , never forsake us,

13. you have prepared a home for us, We continue to ask for your guidance, AMEN