10-26-2014 Sermon outline

Outline of Pastor Delton Osborn’s sermon

1. God’s covenant: What did Jesus promise you? LIFE!  Enter into his REST!

2. Hebrews Chapter 3: Fix thoughts on Jesus, God is builder of everything, we are his house.

3. Before; people listened to Moses, now it is Jesus—sell out to Jesus.

4. Moses showed them Jesus for 40 years &  still rebelled because they really did not believe.

5. Some never enter into my rest because they rebelled. They have hardened hearts.

6. God loves you enough to call you to rest!

7. No salvation in church—like washing your self on the outside & then go get dirty again. Salvation is within.

8. Surrender to this: Have a mediator, JESUS, surrender your heart. The PROMISE: I never leave you or forsake you.

9. Rest discussed: Flesh makes the whole thing difficult. Jesus overcame flesh to be crucified.

10. OLE SLUEFOOT ( Satan) speaks to flesh, Pride—everything my way, Envy—loss of sleep!!! Satan get behind me !

11. Rest is in things of the spirit, ( Love, Peace, Joy, Neatness, Challenges ( God wants to know how you respond to them).

12. Happiest moments are when God shows you the way to fix it (the challenges) . The mediator is Jesus.

13. All he wants is relationship with you!

14. Wake up every day  and expect God to bring you glory!