01-25-2015 Sermon outline

Tony Isaacs pastor  sermon outline:

1. No one is worthy but last page in bible says we win.

2. Thespian’s  Chapter 6: Armor of God. Tony says—put it on.

3. Verse 10: God is clear—Put on FULL ARMOR.

4. Finally my brother, be strong in the Lord. Which means: be able to stay

strong against the whales of the Devil.

5. Take up whole armor, then stand up, praise and shout.

6. Read, study bible, go out and get er done.

7. Armor’s: Helmet of Salvation (listening to God),  Breast plate (righteousness), waist (truth) , feet (Gospel of peace)

Shield of Faith Sword of Spirit (word & breath of God).

8. The truth holds everything together. Bible is the truth.

9. Breastplate of righteousness of your life, get into the word of God.

10. Isaah 57, 17: Put on Breastplate of life, shod your feet with Gospel of Peace, Faith (that God is with us)!

11. Shield is defensive tool to render enemy ineffective.

12. Helmet of Salvation: God is God, understanding what God has done for you and to you.

13. Sword of Spirit lives in each one of us which is the Word of God. When we go HE is in us.

14. Word and Breath of God is a double edge sword.

15, Teaching, rebuking, training and righteousness are in each one of us.

16.  Really pray loud so that the Devil will hear us. Holy Spirit is our power, God is the answer.

17. Pastor Tony has a son, J.T., had asthma (Trinity pastor, Maro Marilla,  prayed that he would be healed:

18. J. T. was asleep and Maro said hold your hand up and he did and he WAS HEALED.

19. Elders gathered together and prayed for healing at Justiceburg!