01-11-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon outline:

1. Concerning communion: For I have received of the lord…take and eat.

2. Do this in memory of me. This cup is testatment of new blood…

3. Mathew : Blessed are they who hunger over righteousness!

4. End time there  will be famine. Mathew 24 verse 6:

5. Wars & rumors of wars — end is not yet.

6. There will be famine and pestilence.

7. Deuteronomy 8: All commandments that you  shall do for 40 years

in the wilderness was to prove that they could KEEP the commandments.

8. Devil tempted Jesus: He was fasting for 40 days in the desert but Jesus

survived by putting faith in God’s spoken word.

9. Also consider this: Just as man chastises his son so too  God chastised man

because he loves you and is going to correct you.

10. Fear means revear him.

11. Israelites were in desert for 40 years: A land of mild & honey & GOLD &

homes & flocks & silver. Heavenly Father has your back.

12. We were put here at Justiceburg to see how we will respond.

13. Our life is parallel to the wilderness and Israelites!

14.  Amos Chapter 8 verse 11: Behold days are coming of famine of hearing of the

word of the Lord & shall not find it.

15. End times will be like days of Noah.

16. Mathew: hunger & thirst for righteousness —they are ones who will be


17. Wow! That should put giddy-up in you! The best is yet to come!