02-01-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon outline

1. Devil wants war to be of flesh not spiritual.

2. Genesis 2: We were created in image of God, we were formed out of dust.

3. God made garden just for man and he was to care for the garden.

4. Verse 15: Do not eat fruit of knowledge for you will surely die.

5. War is still going on. Follow Adam’s genealogy — Jesus could be born.

6. Chapter 3: We were created to be governed by the father.

7. Serpent told Eve: you will not die of this nourishment.

8.  Eve ate and gave to Adam: immediately — needed clothes.

9. God wants to lead you to spirit world, devil wants flesh world.

10. Daniel 8-23: Real enemy wants you to operate in flesh world.

11. Devil comes in peace —his first impression & has power to destroy.

12. Three powers: God, Devil & our flesh. By peace devil will destroy you.

13. March in the name of peace and then shoot rockets at Israel.

14. THEY know what is best for you: the devil’s reasoning.

15. Last week we talked about our armor & how blest WE are.

16. We ask for your wisdom & knowledge & be place in armor.