02-08-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon outline

1. Satan is about deceit, Satan is only one sentenced to death.

2. Daniel 7: To the carnal eye it looks like Satan has won. (Daniel had a dream)

3. He seen: Strong winds and beast coming out of the water.

4. 1. A lion, 2. Bear, 3. Leopard and lastly a different one 4. Iron Beast with:

5.  10 horns, & little horn which devoured 3 big horns (every nation believed in him)

6.  4th beast waged war on holy people, devours the whole world.

7. God wants us to be governed by the spirit & devil wants us to think in flesh.

8. We are in this world but not of it. Devil disguised himself in peace helping.

9. God is dividing us out of devil’s system.

10. Mark 13: As Jesus was leaving the temple, disciples asked: Will temple be destroyed?

11. Temple will be destroyed—you are the temple! Many will come deceiving.

12. Famine of the word will be  in the end time, Jesus came to give us life.

13. If you are going to tell people about Jesus—you will win.

14. It is finished; Jesus has already paid the price.

15. Justiceburg is full because we want to know.

16. Jesus has a purpose and a plan for each one of us.

17. That should put giddeup in you!