8-31-2014 Sermon outline

8-31-2014 Sermon outline: 1. Mathew 13 Parables—Why does Jesus talk in Parables? 2. Because knowledge was given to you – not to them Parables are for you so you can get it— in redneck terms Some people never get it. 3. How can parables change ones life?  Grow roots to be stronger. 4. Parable: Sowing seed in fertile, rocky or thorny ground Fertile yields 160 & 30 times, Rocky = good or grow for a while, Thorny = cares of world (Devil) interfere. 5. Kingdom of heaven = sowing seed in fertile soil. Thorny soil Jesus said do not pull weeds now for you may pull up good seed also, wait till harvest pull weeds & burn, then harvest good seed. Good seed are like going to heaven & others who cherish things are destroyed. 6. Mustard seed parable: Smallest seed becomes a large plant 7. Yeast in flour parable: reveals hidden things since beginning of time. 8. We have to be called by God to understand Parables -that is the good seed Weeds are the people of the devil. 9. What is the worst thing that could happen to you—lose heaven. Die to yourself (let go of things) you will get back 7 times 10  Angels will come to separate  good from bad like fishing with a net & throw away the bad ones. 11 Heaven is based on love—have to receive love—Heaven is all about love. True love – have to receive it.

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