01-18-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon outline:

1. Famine for Word not food. Flesh man craves food, Spirit man craves Word.

2. Jesus said FEED MY SHEEP. PASTOR is derived from pasture!

3. John 21 Verse 10: After Jesus had risen he told the disciples 3 times…

4. While they were fishing (FEED MY SHEEP)  Spiritually!

5. Amos Chapter 8 verse 11: behold days come of famine of hearing words of

lord and shall not find it. It is harder to proclaim the truth.

6. Jesus told woman at the well: Drink of this water & you will thirst, drink

of spiritual water & every problem will become smaller and smaller.

7. Hunger & Thirst after righteousness. How often do you feed spiritual man?

8. Go outa your way to feed spiritual man like you do for flesh man.

9. Let your spiritual man grow up so you can feed him the meat of the world.

10. God gives us his word so you could feed yourself.

11. In third world people walk for 30 miles to hear the gospel, they are happy.

12. We have luxuries to hear and not whine.

13. Food for thought: Where is it going? Which way is the world headed?

14. You have a real enemy-he lets you have plenty of food until you get into bible.

15. Feed your spiritual man—devil will try to starve you out.

16. Inch by inch (like Fox & Dish arguing) the devil will take it away.

17. Day is coming when Spirit man will be able to overcome. AMEN!

18. Revelations: Real enemy has already lost. Jesus said IT IS FINISHED!

19. No more sacrifices to be made. He chose you not you chose him.

20. James 5 Chapter 14: Let the elders pray over him & they WILL BE HEALED!