11-16-2014 Sermon outline

Pastor Delton Osborn’s sermon:

1. What do we have to thankful for—-the greatest is salvation.

2. Peter 1, Chapter 1, Verse 3 : he chose you. Praise be to Jesus Christ—our living hope.

3. Our inheritance is kept in heaven until the last times.

4. Life in eternity with him makes me thankful, his spirit never spoils unlike everything else.

5. We all have grief which have come to prove your faith—when Jesus Christ is revealed.

6. Heartbreak happens for if not you would be full of  PRIDE.

7. Thou you have not seen but believe; you are the ones really blessed.

8. How can God love me after the way I have been? The Bond is there.

9. We have relationship with God. Best kind of joy is right here in the Bible!

10. We also have fellowship in Jesus name right here in Justiceburg without persecution.

11. We have a lot to be thankful for!