11-09-2014 Sermon outline

Sermon outline by Pastor Delton Osborn

1. God ordered steps: There is a purpose and plan for everyone.

2. God telling Joseph about Mary having a child, Joseph allowed God’s plan.

3. Your personal walk with him—Luke Chapter 1, 5.

4. Elizabeth was not able to conceive and they wanted God’s plan for their own life. they lived earnestly.

5. Zachariah was chosen to burn incense in the temple but Angel Gabriel appeared—Elizabeth is to have a son named John.

6. John the Baptist was filled with holy spirit before he was born. Zachariah had some doubt because of his age.

7. Angel Gabriel said: because you have doubt—silent until John is born. People outside of temple realized he had a vision.

8. Mathews 1 verse 18! Have to be expecting miracle for it to happen. Mary & Joseph pledged to be married. Joseph too had some doubt.

9. After he considered— an angel appeared & said Mary will have a son called Jesus who will save the world from their sins.

10 Have to have faith before God gives blessings. Joseph took Mary & marriage consummated AFTER  Jesus was born.

11. Joseph had a choice, believed by faith and accepted .—Luke Chapteer 2 verse 1:

12. Your steps are ordered; God has a plan. Enemy is Satan who works thru people so you will not achieve God’s plan.

13. Census was to be taken so Mary & Joseph went to Bethlehem, all in God’s plan. Don’t overthink God’s plan.

14. We are in church because God is taking you to another level—know my voice and harken. Spiritually God’s in control.

15. Where the love is: is where true God is! Not everyone is from God. God ordered more steps for us-is why we are still here.

16. First time Delton Osborn asked God? How real you really are?  God said: first take the plank out of yourself!

17. That should put “Giddy Up” in you: When other Christians start growing and blessing.

18. Lot to be thankful for. Thank you for ordering steps…. Next week: pressing on, think positive.