10-5-2014 Sermon outline

Outline of Delton Osborn’s sermon:

1. Jesus broke bread, one loaf = one body, took cup of wine = blood of Christ,

Do this in remembering of me.

2,  The world hates Jesus so much while Jesus loves so much.

3.  John Chapter 5 verse 16

4.  Because Jesus was working on the Sabbath, the  Jews tried to kill him.

Jesus said I am going about my Father’s business.

5.  Son (Jesus) can do only what Father shows him, Son will give life as father does- Jesus gives to who he wants to.

6. One’s who belong to me will hear my voice. THAT VERY THING IS OFFENSIVE TO THOSE WHO DO NOT HEAR.

7. Verse 25: Do not work for food for life but food for the spirit. Believe in one who God has sent.

8. Get God to get right NOT get right to get God. My father is one who gives bread of life.

9.  All who believe in me have life. A true Christian is like a fish going upstream .

10. Jews grumbled—could not understand that Jesus came from heaven thru Mary & Joseph.

11. Ones that appose the word (bible) do not mind standing up & voicing their opinion. WE should stand up for it.

12. Root of current beheading is the bible. We only hear his voice because God has called you. People see fruit in you.

13. Opposition let Peter go to prison however 5000 people gathered and Peter was set free and told not to preach that anymore.

14. We are going thru this trial now so that he can separate good from bad.

15. Ones that see these goings on—Jerusalem — WILL BE BLESSED!