3-22-2015 Sermon outline

Delton Osborn’s sermon outline 1. Look at what God has assembled here when we asked for Singing. Amazing! 2.  Mark 5-21 God wants us to be at the end of the rope. 3. Jesus sailed across the lake to help a man on the other side—Jesus set him free. 4. On other side, Ruler of the synagogue asked Jesus to save his dying daughter. 5. On the way a woman who suffered for 12 years believed if she could only touch Jesus’s garment then she would be healed. Jesus felt the miracle and asked who? 6. The woman confessed: Jesus replied FAITH has made you whole. 7.  Meanwhile the crowd said: while you lingered the daughter has died! Jesus said Be not afraid but only believe. 8. Most missed one miracle already but Jesus is going to finish what he started. 9. Only Peter, James, John, Jesus and the Mother and Dad where allowed in the room. 10. JESUS SAID ARISE! The 12 year old daughter arose and walked for she was asleep. 11. Apply to your life, The answers are in the Bible. God is a jealous God, he wants all of you. 12.  Only thing that is going to save you is the Bible. 13. I am the WORD and the WORD is me. 14. Our manual is the Bible, just like a car has a manual and we should read and use both.

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