Sermon 7-27-2014: How important is God’s Covenant/Birthright to Jacob?

Valerie Young 870
OUTLINE of Delton’s Sermon:

1. TWINS Esau/Jacob fought inside Rebecca”s womb ( See first 2 or 3 pages of the bible).

2. Eldest always received birthright..

3. Jacob & Rebecca tricked Isaac so that Jacob received the birthright.

4. Jacob’s name changed to Israel.

5. People continually claim Esau’s (surrounding countries) birthright.

6. Israel continually claims birthright.

7. 1948 President Harry Truman declares Israel a Nation (U. S. receives blessings).

8. Presently U. S. gives money to Afganistan—U. S. is in turmoil.

9. God’s Covenant/Birthright: Jacob/Israel will claim birthright.

10. Watch as yet again the ” STORM CLOUDS GATHER FAR ACROSS THE SEA ” !